What Happens if a Cavity Isn’t Treated Quickly?

If you have acavity in Miramar, FL, your first instinct may be to visit a dentist to treat it. This is the right thing to do since not treating a cavity right away can lead to serious consequences. But sometimes, the pain from a cavity can subside, and a person may assume there’s no longer any problem. That’s a mistake that you should avoid. If a cavity isn’t treated soon, it can lead to a whole host of oral health problems, potentially impacting overall well-being.

Progression of Decay

Cavities may start out the size of a pinhole. But without treatment, that small hole will grow as the decay progresses. Without intervention, the tiny cavity can destroy the entire tooth.

Pain and Discomfort

As the decay from a cavity spreads, the dentin and pulp may be affected. This is when a cavity can lead to excruciating tooth pain, affecting your ability to eat, drink, or even speak comfortably.


Worse, the bacteria that cause cavities can spread throughout the mouth. Other teeth will become affected, leading to more cavities and tooth pain. The person could even develop an abscess, which causes swelling, pain, and pus formation. The infection could even reach the bloodstream, causing it to spread to important organs in the body, including the heart.

Tooth Loss

If the cavity is left to fester, tooth loss could occur. This tooth loss may not even be limited to the first tooth where the cavity happened. If the infection from the bacteria has spread, it can lead to gum infection and widespread tooth loss.

There’s no reason any of this has to happen. If you develop a cavity or toothache, simply visit yourdentist in Miramar, FL, for treatment. Contact us today to book your appointment!

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