How Dental Implants Work

Dental implants are extremely common. In fact, many people currently have at least one dental implant in their mouth. And for good reason! Dental implants are an exceptional tooth replacement solution. They feel natural, look great, and allow you to eat your favorite foods.

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Initial Consultation

If you’re ready for a dental implant, you must check if you’re suitable for treatment. To do so, schedule a visit with a dental professional to examine your dental health and observe your dental history. They will decide if dental implants are right for you.

Placing the Implant

To start the treatment, the dentist will simply place the implant body, or metal post, into your jawbone. This will be the base of your dental implant. The professional will also attach a temporary abutment and crown until the final restoration is made.

Healing Period

This step is a crucial part of the process. After placing the implant, you must wait several months for your jawbone to heal. During this time, your jawbone will actually grow around the implant and fuse together.

Final Restoration

Once the waiting period ends, you’ll have another office visit to receive your permanent abutment and crown. Now, your dental implant is complete! Make sure to visit the dentist at least twice yearly to ensure your implant works properly.

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