4 Signs You Have a Cavity (and What to Do)

When you have a cavity, early detection can help you get treatment quickly before the problem becomes serious. As your dentist in Miramar, FL, we’re here to help when you get a cavity. Coming in for regular appointments every six months can help you catch cavities in their early stages. In addition, you can catch cavities by recognizing the symptoms and seeking help from your dentist.

What to Know About Cavities

A cavity is a hole in your tooth enamel caused by decay. Cavities are typically the result of poor oral hygiene habits and a lot of sugar consumption. You can avoid cavities by brushing your teeth well twice per day, limiting your sugar intake, and seeing the dentist regularly.

Signs of a Cavity

Some cavities have no symptoms, while other cavities are hard to ignore. Below are some signs of a cavity that you may notice.

  1. Toothache. You may notice your tooth hurts when you bite down or randomly when you’re not eating at all.
  2. Tooth sensitivity. If you have a cavity, your tooth may become suddenly sensitive to heat and cold.
  3. Tooth discoloration. When you have a cavity, tooth decay can appear as discoloration on your tooth.
  4. Hole in your tooth. You may even be able to see the hole in your tooth caused by the cavity.

What to Do If You Have a Cavity

If you have a cavity, it’s important to get cavity fillings in Miramar, FL. At Miramar Smiles Dentistry, we can help. If you’re noticing the signs of a cavity, call today to make an appointment for a dental examination and diagnosis.

5 Benefits of Choosing Invisalign

Are you looking for straighter teeth and an improved smile? If so, consider Invisalign orthodontic treatment. In this post, we’ll discuss 5 key benefits of choosing Invisalign.


Invisalign features clear aligners that fit over your teeth. One of the reasons why these devices are so popular is because they can be removed before eating, brushing, or flossing. This adds a certain level of comfort and convenience you don’t get with traditional braces.

If you think Invisalign treatment is right for you, pick up the phone and call Miramar Smiles Dentistry today! We offer the most reliable Invisalign treatment in Miramar, FL.

Better Appearance

While standard braces are noticeable and bulky, Invisalign is almost invisible! These devices feature clear plastic that’s much harder to see than regular braces. This can lead to more confidence and a better appearance.

Easier Teeth Cleaning

Since Invisalign aligners are removable, this means you can floss and brush your teeth like normal. Just simply remove the device before these activities and pop it back in your mouth after you’re finished. If you have traditional braces, cleaning your teeth can be much more challenging. The wires and brackets can easily trap food, possibly leading to a buildup of bacteria. For better dental hygiene and cleaner teeth, consider Invisalign treatment.


Did you know Invisalign aligners feel like the surface of your teeth? That’s right! Instead of dealing with uncomfortable metal brackets and wires, Invisalign features a clear plastic that fits comfortably in your mouth.

Fast Results

Invisalign is also a relatively fast treatment compared to standard braces. In fact, some patients finish in as little as six months! This compares to traditional braces, which can take two years or more to complete.

If you want to learn more about Invisalign treatment, contact Miramar Smiles Dentistry today! We’re happy to have a trusted, reputable dentist in Miramar, FL.