Dental Crowns Near You

If you’re dealing with damaged teeth, you may want to consider receiving a dental crown at a dental clinic near you. Dental crowns are a reliable treatment that will help restore both the functionality and the overall appearance of your smile.

A dental crown is a customized device that’s placed over top of your tooth. It provides strength to your tooth and helps protect it from damage. Dental crowns can be made from different materials such as gold, silver, ceramic, porcelain, or composite resin. If you’re wanting your dental crown to blend in seamlessly with your smile, porcelain and resin are two great options.

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Dental Crowns In Miramar

Reasons to Receive a Dental Crown

Your dentist may recommend a dental crown for several reasons including:

  • To protect a tooth that’s been weakened from decay or an infection.
  • To protect a chipped or cracked tooth.
  • Preserving your tooth when a dental filling isn’t adequate
  • To hold a dental bridge or dental implant in place.
  • Covering up a misshapen tooth.
  • To improve the appearance of your smile.
  • To protect your tooth after a root canal.

Always be sure to speak with your dentist before going ahead with any type of dental treatment. They’ll be able to identify whether receiving a dental crown is the right course of action for your specific case.

Receiving a Dental Crown Near You

Typically, receiving a dental crown requires at least two separate appointments.

During your first visit, your dentist will perform a routine evaluation of your teeth and gums. They’ll also take some x-rays in order to establish a comprehensive image of your oral hygiene and what needs to be addressed. Next, they’ll prepare your tooth to receive the dental crown. This often includes reshaping it slightly by filing it down. Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth which are sent to a dental lab to fabricate your crown.

You’ll receive a temporary dental crown to protect your tooth while you wait.

Once the permanent crown is ready, you’ll return to have it placed. Your dentist will make sure that it fits you snuggly and that everything is fine with your bite before letting you go.

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